Patrick Faure is a native of the Principality of Monaco and is the creator of Faurism , an art movement for the 21st Century.
After gaining recognition in the United States and Continental Europe, for producing a comprehensive collection of American Indian portraits, Patrick moved to London to explore a new form of expression. His current paintings merge art, philosophy, and poetry in a new concept, Faurism, which ventures into the world of dreams, sexual desire, knowledge, and erudition. The result is a synthesis of mythical phantasms, modern human condition, and contemporary imagery.

Influenced by Platonic and Existentialist thought, Patrick challenges the viewer to uncover the intricate messages hidden in every part of his creations. While critics have described his style as 'Escher meets Dali', Patrick does not see himself as a Surrealistic painter. To the opposite he has developed his work into an epic poem questioning the metaphysics of our existence.
Patrick has participated in multiple exhibitions, and counts Pepsi-Cola, NATO, the city of Sierra Vista, the US Army, and Torvec Inc. amongst his customers. He is being represented by galleries in Istanbul and Italy.

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