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Born in the Cheyenne River (Dakota) 1835, Rain-in-the-Face was a war chief of the Hunkpapa tribe, Sioux Nation (Lakota). Although suffering from a heavy limp due to a combat wound, he was a master horseman. On 25 June 1876 he fought at the battle of the Little Big Horn against Custer and the 7th US Cavalry. Following the battle he fled to Canada with the Hunkpapa and eventually surrendered in 1880. He settled on the Standing Rock Reservation. He died in his home at the Bullhead Station on September 15, 1905 due to a long illness. On his deathbed he is reputed to have told a missionary that he had killed George Custer, shooting him at such close range that the shot had left powder marks on Custerís face.
Rain in the Face - Hunkpapa Sioux
90 x 60 cm - Watercolour on paper
private collection